Friday, 30 April 2010

Mahaque Women’s Cooperative, HIV Project

HIV and AIDS has had a huge impact in Mozambique, at 12.5% for 15 – 49 year olds, it has one of the highest prevalence rate in sub-Saharan Africa. Over 800,000 women are living with HIV and there were 81,000 AIDs deaths in 2007 (UNICEF). We work at a local level to try to raise awareness and promote healthy living within the communities work. To help local Mozambicans to help themselves we aim to provide them with the tools so they have an opportunity to improve the quality of their lives.

The Happy Africa Foundation (THAF) plans to build a centre to be used as a meeting place and work site, primarily for women affected by HIV, but open to all members of the community. The women will use the centre as a small cooperative to generate funds for their families. We will provide the women with sewing machines, materials and the equipment necessary so that they can make small crafts, jewellery, clothing, school uniforms and other tailored items. We will teach the women how to run their business, how to keep records of their accounts, so that once the cooperative is generating income they will be able to manage this themselves.

In addition we will use the centre to hold talks on HIV as well as general nutrition for mothers and their babies. We will also support the women and their families in finding out their HIV status; ensuring that they have access to HIV voluntary counseling and testing (VCT).

The centre will be built at the same site as A Escolinaha de Boa Esperanca. The building will be a similar structure to the classroom at the pre-school, previously built by THAF in 2009. The centre will have a main room from where the ladies will sit with their machines and a smaller room that will serve as a resource room.

We hope to raise enough funds to provide five sewing machines for the centre. There will be enough tables and chairs for ten ladies to sit and sew or make crafts from. The resource centre will provide a secure space for all the materials and finished crafts to be stored.

To build the centre and set up the cooperative with the necessary machines and equipment will cost $20,000. We appreciate any support that you are able to give, to help us have a real impact on the lives of the women in Mahaque.

To make a donation or to find out more contact Lucy Pollock -

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  1. Ideas-a-plenty by the looks of things. These initiatives will make such a positive difference to the community.
    It only takes one person to start the ball rolling - well done African Impact Mozambique for getting stuck-in where the help is really needed.