Sunday, 11 April 2010

HIV project with Sofia's Family

An HIV Project has been created to work one-on-one with a family. The most delightful family was found – Sofia, an HIV positive woman, and her daughter and two sons, one of which has a girlfriend and young daughter living in the home. Given how taboo the subject is in Vilanculos, it was fantastic to find such a remarkable woman who was so open with her situation. After a couple weeks of discussion, education and awareness around HIV/AIDS the volunteers asked the family if they would be willing to go for an HIV test. Much to our delight, they eagerly agreed and all were overjoyed when the results came back negative.

In addition to the counselling and education, volunteers have also provided tangible support in the form of assisting the family prepare seed beds and plant this year’s crop and build a new home for the family. Volunteers just finished putting on the roof last week it was amazing to see so much progress in such a short time. The aim for the future is that Sofia and her family will use the help that they have been given to develop the farm further to enable them to sell the produce and have an income.

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