Friday, 30 April 2010

Community Families, Mahaque, Vilankulo

Working at the pre-school in Mahaque we recognise there is a real need in the community to support local families; many of whom are living in basic conditions, struggling to bring up children with the impact of HIV and AIDS but desperate to educate and equip themselves with skills so that they can begin to change their situation independently. We aim to empower families with knowledge and skills that will help to improve their health, education and employment opportunities. Ultimately we believe this will help to have a hugely positive effect not just on individual families but on the community as a whole. With the help of local resident, Sofia and the Secretary of the Bairro of Mahaque we are able to identify families that we believe are in greatest need and who will benefit the most from our support. After a family has been identified, we visit their home three times a week for one month.

HIV awareness

We talk with the family and help to educate them about HIV and AIDS, prevention and treatment. We will also ensure that all of the family has access to free testing to find out their HIV status. Many people who live with HIV are too afraid to get tested because of fear and ignorance and so fall ill quickly.

Craft making

To help give families the opportunities to support themselves we are teaching them skills that they can use to make a small income. We teach crafts and jewellery making to the women and show them new ways to create items, allowing them to differentiate their crafts from other sellers at the market. These will of course be available for volunteers to buy, as a special keepsake of the time they spent here! We will provide each family with the raw materials necessary to start up their small business.


We will help the family to prepare their land; assisting them with clearing, planting and weeding. In addition we will supply the materials so that they can build a small stall, from where they can sell their produce. Once they start to make a profit they will be able to put this back into their business to buy more materials.

Life skills

We discuss health and nutrition, to help them to understand how they can keep their family healthy. Where possible we also help to improve their employment opportunities; developing their CVs and helping them to write cover letters to companies.

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