Friday, 30 April 2010

A Escolinha de Boa Esperanca Farming Project

Approximately 70 children aged from three to six attend the small pre-school of A Escolinha de Boa Esperanca. The pre-school is one of only three in the area and provides essential early education to the local children.

African Impact started supporting the school after Cyclone Favio caused devastation throughout the town in 2007.

The school staff team is small; the two teachers Deolinda and Zelia and 24 hour guard and handy man, Lourenco.

The school’s vegetable garden is small and the few vegetables produced are used for the children’s lunch. But it isn’t enough.

The Happy Africa Foundation plans to develop the farm further so it can support the school all year round; provid

ing food for the children and generating valuable income for the school. Ultimately, helping the school towards its goal of self-sufficiency and ensuring that it has a sustainable future.

We want to grow plants and vegetables that are traditionally cultivated in Mozambique; such as the matapa plant and peanuts. Matapa and peanuts form one of the traditional Mozambican dishes and it is well loved by locals. We will grow beans, tomatoes, onions and carrots that will supplement the rice for the children’s lunch, ensuring they are getting important protein in their daily diet.

In addition we want to build a chicken coup and fence off an area so that the school can keep chickens and goats. We will then be able to make goat’s cheese to sell locally and the school will have a continuous supply of eggs!

We hope to raise enough funds to be able provide: seeds, farming tools (hoes, rakes, spades etc), fencing around the perimeter of the farm (to keep out the many animals that wander freely and to keep the chickens and goats in!) as well as shade netting (to protect the plants under the intense African sun). We will also need to build a small stall so that the vegetables and meat can be sold from there. The expected costs of the project will be approximately $10,000.

All help toward the project will help us to make a lasting impact on the community and will be hugely appreciated by the parents and children of A Escolinha de Boa Esperanca.

To make a donation or to find out more contact Lucy Pollock -

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