Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Esperança Venâcio Nhamirre

Esperança Venâcio Nhamirre

26/05/1979 – 14/11/2009

Esperança was born in Chirroula, a small town north of Vilanculos, to parents Venâcio and Julieta.While her father had other children she was her mother’s only child. She moved to Vilanculos to attend school and met her husband Alfredo. Together they had 6 children; Fiona, Edson, Erca, Sharmilla and Olencia who are twins, and Chris who was only born in October 2008.

Esperança worked at A Escola de Boa Esperança for 6 years, she was an extremely dedicated mother and loved working with children. She had the most genuine and caring personality, an innocent smile and infectious laugh that lit up her whole face. Sadly, she fell ill in September and despite all efforts to get her better she passed away peacefully at her parents home on Saturday 14th November 2009.

She will be sorely missed by the whole of the Mahaque and Chirroula community, but will stay in our hearts forever and be remembered as the joyous and caring mother she was.


  1. What shocking news! So sad for Esperanca's family and all her children. She was such a lovely lady.
    Do they know what she died from?
    I will always remember how friendly and welcoming she was to the volunteers, and the way she was raising Chris whilst working at pre-school will stay with me always, as it made me realise how content a baby is when it is surrounded by love. She even inspired me to buy a capalana for he sole use of carrying my babies around on my back (when I eventually have any) because she made it look so easy.
    The world has lost a lovely lady and mother.

  2. Unfortunately she took a number of courses of medication and saw numerous doctors but nothing was diagnosed. I couldn't agree with you more though Hermione, such a sad loss. She will live on through her beautiful children though and we have a mural up in the pre-school in her memory. Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all...