Monday, 15 June 2009

Bittersweet times...

As many of you know, dear Jude will be leaving us this week. She is expecting her first child in December of this year and will go back to the UK for the remainder of the pregnancy and the birth. Jude's plans are to come back to Vilanculos near the beginning of next year, though unfortunately as a full-time Mommy and not with African Impact.

As sad as we are to see Jude go, we are so excited for the new adventure of motherhood she is about to undertake. As you all know, Jude's dedication to and passion for children has been one of the driving forces behind the success and development of this amazing project. Esther and Nix will remain in Vilanculos and do our best to carry on the brilliant projects that Jude has done so much to develop and nurture.

So, as we fight through a heap of bittersweet emotions in trying to write this post, we want to wish Jude and her budding new family all the best of luck. She will be so missed but the hard work and passion she put into these projects will be evident to us every day as we continue on.

Thank you Jude!

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